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We're trying to play catch up here at Gisborne Gourmet, so please bear with us as we try to let you know all that's been going on since you heard from us here last...

Firstly we'd like to introduce you to a new gourmet product on board - Manurau Game Birds. 

Manurau's "many birds" are located 30 mins south of Gisborne, where they free range over five acres of pasture and grassland with plenty of fresh water and space. Manurau love their birds, holding the simple philosophy to let them run in as natural environment as possible. With a natural ability to understand how the birds live and the signs they exhibit when they are content, Manurau are always looking for ways to keep its birds happy and maintain their quality of life. After all, happy birds mean sustainable farming and better quality product!

We at Gisborne Gourmet are excited to be able to bring this beautiful local produce to you. Happy birds for happy foodies! We are currently stocking Quail, Duck, Goose, Squab, Pigeon, Guinea Fowl and Pheasant. Now who else is dreaming up supper ideas from that list!?